The Complete Thought

As a society, and as educators, we have an obligation to improve on formative education for the children of the current generation.

At Teq, we have always understood that equipment is not the silver bullet, so why do K12 institutions concentrate such a large portion of their budget on the latest shiny object? If the goal of education is to engage and impart knowledge and skills to our students, how does the purchase of equipment in and of itself accomplish that without addressing all the other elements that comprise our present-day learning experience?

Our philosophy, after years of observation, is to focus on outcomes. We have learned over our 47-year history how to design, create, and deliver the complete thought — a solid foundation for learning that includes tools, equipment, and instructional solutions that spark the mind.

Last year we created a custom educational experience called iBlocks. An iBlock is a collaborative effort between Teq and our customers that creates an outcomes-driven, student-led, activity-rich approach to learning. It’s driven by student achievement, and career readiness.

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